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Weights & Biases - Jun 05 - Blog Post:
Boris Dayma, Colorizing Wizard on Weights & Biases

by Carey Phelps — Our colorizer competition was a great success! Learn some tips from a champion, Boris Dayma.

Gong - Jun 05 - Blog Post:
5 Reasons You Should NOT Buy Gong

Check this post about 5 Reasons You Should NOT Buy Gong at Gong website!

SAS - Jun 05 - Blog Post:
La analítica y la reimaginación del mundo: lo que veremos en el Virtual SAS G...

La analítica y la reimaginación del mundo: lo que veremos en el Virtual SAS Global Forum 2020 #SASGF

Dynatrace - Jun 05 - Blog Post:
Massively speed up OneAgent lifecycle management with the enhanced REST API (...

Among other APM solutions, Dynatrace offers a unique advantage: our deployments provide centralized configuration that can be managed from a...

AWS - Machine Learning - Jun 05 - Blog Post:
Creating a persistent custom R environment for Amazon SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker is a fully managed service that allows you to build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models quickly....

Fritz - Jun 05 - Blog Post:
Popular Mobile Machine Learning Projects to Help You Start Building

Mobile machine learning, relatively speaking, is still in its infancy. While I fully envision a future where hundreds of thousands...

MarketMuse - Jun 05 - Blog Post:
The Business Case for AI for Marketing

AI Marketing is still in its infancy. Here's how to evaluate this technology and develop a use case that is...

Pure Storage - Jun 05 - Blog Post:
Corporate Orange and Green on World Environment Day

Pure is committed to create sustainable value for workers, the environment, and business, helping to unite both people and organisations,...

IBM Watson - Jun 04 - Blog Post:
Watson Studio Desktop May Subscription Release

IBM Watson Studio Desktop, the award-winning, client-server offering within our Watson Studio portfolio, is adding a number of exciting new...

Numerai - Jun 04 - Blog Post:
Fundraising — Improved FCAS — Erasure Bay Highlights

Numerai has raised $3 million in a recent sale of NMR led by Union Square Ventures and Placeholder with CoinFund...

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