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X.Ai - Dec 03 - Blog Post:
Scheduling for Freelancers: Track New Customers in Trello

Time is money and time spent trying to make money is different than time spent making money. Did you know......

Pure Storage - Dec 03 - Blog Post:
At the Intersection of Innovation and Customers

Pure has been named the leader in primary storage by Gartner a milestone only possible through the committment of customers...

Fritz - Dec 03 - Blog Post:
On-Device Face Detection on Android using Google’s ML Kit

Detecting faces in an image with the power of mobile machine learning

Dataiku - Dec 03 - Blog Post:
The Top 5 Dataiku Academy Courses From 2020

Learn about the five Dataiku Academy courses with the highest enrollment in 2020 to prep your team for the new...

2021.AI - Dec 03 - Blog Post:
Three areas of focus in AI for business managers

The business manager’s performance will be dependent on the performance of the AI algorithms. Are you – and your organization...

Applitools - Dec 03 - Blog Post:
10 Portfolio Projects for Aspiring Automation Engineers

Angie Jones describes a portfolio of ten projects that help even novice test engineers demonstrate their skills to get the...

AWS - Machine Learning - Dec 02 - Blog Post:
Performing simulations at scale with Amazon SageMaker Processing and R on RSt...

Statistical analysis and simulation are prevalent techniques employed in various fields, such as healthcare, life science, and financial services. The...

MarketMuse - Dec 02 - Blog Post:
Keywords and Content – How They’re Frequently Misused #firesidecontent

While everyone employ keyword research, few do it correctly. Nick Eubanks and Jeff Coyle clear up some misconceptions in this...

NVIDIA AI - Dec 02 - Blog Post:
Counting on AI to Bring Green to Retailers During Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday shopping season is starting to resemble the movie Groundhog Day to retailers around the world. Increasing numbers of...

Socure - Dec 02 - Blog Post:
Digital Identity Verification Requirements for Financial Services

Fraudsters have become adept at circumventing popular online identity verification systems such as knowledge-based authentication, or KBA.

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