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Yodel - Jun 02 - Blog Post:
Case Study: EHM Washington

Electronic Home Monitoring Washington State has helped to advance the way that house arrest functions. When their modern technology is...

SAS - Jun 02 - Blog Post:
COVID-19 y la reactivación económica

El aprovechamiento de los datos ha demostrado ser muy importante en estos tiempos en los que cuidar la salud y...

Socure - Jun 02 - Blog Post:
Reflections on Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May was Asian & Pacific Islanders American Heritage Month. The month pays tribute to the contributions generations of Asian &...

Dynatrace - Jun 02 - Blog Post:
Scale your API operations with our version 2 APIs

We're happy to announce the launch of the new generation of Dynatrace APIs, which will provide you with a consistent...

Dataiku - Jun 02 - Blog Post:
6 Ways AI Will Change Media & Entertainment

Media & entertainment companies are facing increasingly competitive and uncertain markets but can get ahead with AI and machine learning.

Exxact Corporation - Jun 02 - Blog Post:
The Unreasonable Progress of Deep Neural Networks in Natural Language Process...

Natural language processing (NLP) with deep neural networks follows deep learning for the vision of the future. Here's the progress...

AWS - Machine Learning - Jun 02 - Blog Post:
Introducing Amazon SageMaker Components for Kubeflow Pipelines

Today we’re announcing Amazon SageMaker Components for Kubeflow Pipelines. This post shows how to build your first Kubeflow pipeline with...

Fritz - Jun 02 - Blog Post:
Using Glide to Efficiently Load Images in Android

Learn the Basics on how to use Glide Image Loading Library to display Image in Android with Kotlin. Glide is...

UiPath - Jun 02 - Blog Post:
Process Mining - Business Process Management | UiPath

Find out about process mining technology and how it can help top management better organize and automate operational processes.

LiveTiles - Jun 01 - Blog Post:
Improvements to Page Designer are on point

SharePoint Page Designer is more intuitive than ever before with these new improvements to Page Designer for SharePoint Modern.

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