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Dynatrace - Sep 24 - Blog Post:
Faster time to value with enhanced handling of OneAgent runtime data

Dynatrace news In parallel to the continuous stream of new improvements related to Dynatrace monitoring capabilities, we’re also continuously improving...

SAS - Sep 24 - Blog Post:
Analítica avanzada, una de las tecnologías que ayudan a la reactivación de la...

Analítica avanzada, una de las tecnologías que ayudan a la reactivación de las empresas en Colombia… y en toda Latinoamérica

AWS - Machine Learning - Sep 23 - Blog Post:
Gaining insights into winning football strategies using machine learning

University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign (UIUC) has partnered with the Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab to help UIUC football coaches...

MindBridge Analytics - Sep 23 - Blog Post:
The Digital Accountancy Forum 2020: Restoring trust in auditors with AI

MindBridge is proud to sponsor this year’s virtual Digital Accountancy Forum. The forum brings together leading accounting firms, industry bodies...

Dynamic Yield - Sep 23 - Blog Post:
Winning Black Friday: How home24 Uses Dynamic Yield to Create Scalable and Pe...

Learn how On-Running uses the Dynamic Yield platform to reach their goals and to pivot their strategy when necessary.

Cerkl - Sep 23 - Blog Post:
Measure Your Success with Cerkl Broadcast’s New Insights

New Broadcast Channels means big Insights gains. Join us at the next Inner Cerkl Product Webinar for a look at...

NVIDIA AI - Sep 23 - Blog Post:
Surfing Gravity’s Waves: HPC+AI Hang a Cosmic Ten

Researcher Eliu Huerta is harnessing AI and HPC on the Summit supercomputer to reveal secrets of black holes.

Dataiku - Sep 23 - Blog Post:
IT Architects Are Critical to Bringing Hyper-Agility to Organizations’ AI Str...

IT architects are responsible for making sure that the systems are agile and can adapt to the needs of either...

UiPath - Sep 23 - Blog Post:
SAPinsider Survey Results on Process Automation in SAP S/4HANA | UiPath

Check out the SAPinsider survey highlights of the results from SAP® customers about their automation journey with SAP S/4HANA.

Artificial Solutions - Sep 23 - Blog Post:
Artificial Solutions Presents the 5 Key Steps to Maximizing a Chatbots Potent...

Artificial Solutions will be discussing at this year's virtual AI Summit Silicon Valley how conversational AI can increase opportunities after...

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