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Hanson Robotics Limited - Feb 19 - Blog Post:
What Does Sophia the Robot and a Four-Year-Old Human Have in Common (or Not)?

Sophia just turned four years old on February 14, 2020. But what does that age mean for a robot? How...

Alpaca - Feb 18 - Blog Post:
Web Dashboard Gets A Facelift

The Alpaca web dashboard just got a whole lot better. New UI improvements 
 add functionality and clarity to profiles,...

Narrative Science - Feb 18 - Blog Post:
Story Navigator for Tableau is disrupting the way analytics leaders share data

Nonprofit organizations doing social good can get access to Narrative Science products to turn data into stories to aid their...

Albert Technologies - Feb 18 - Blog Post:
What is Machine Learning?

What is machine learning? We are demystifying machine learning terms so you can get literate in ML and avoid the...

AWS - Machine Learning - Feb 18 - Blog Post:
Winners of AWS Machine Learning Research Awards announced

The AWS Machine Learning Research Awards (MLRA) provides unrestricted cash funds and AWS Promotional Credits to academics to advance the...

MarketMuse - Feb 18 - Blog Post:
MarketMuse Pro vs. Clearscope

A look at four key differentiating factors that separate MarketMuse, the content intelligence platform, from Clearscope, a content optimizer.

Cerkl - Feb 18 - Blog Post:
Planning Events your Employees Won’t Miss

Sometimes, getting employees to attend corporate events feels like you’re assigning them summer reading - and they’re not pumped about...

DataRobot - Feb 18 - Blog Post:
Scoring Goals with Data: Champions League Predictions

Several colleagues in Europe asked when we were going to predict the world’s most popular game, football. So I enlisted...

UiPath - Feb 18 - Blog Post:
Introducing Agent Desktop For Attended Automation | UiPath

The newly created UiPath Agent Desktop includes a new user interface and capabilities, making attended automation easier and more productive.

Lambda Labs - Feb 18 - Blog Post:
Choosing the Best GPU for Deep Learning in 2020

This blog summarizes our GPU benchmark for training State of the Art (SOTA) deep learning models. We measure each GPU's...

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