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IBM Watson - Jun 04 - Blog Post:
Watson Studio Desktop May Subscription Release

IBM Watson Studio Desktop, the award-winning, client-server offering within our Watson Studio portfolio, is adding a number of exciting new...

AWS - Machine Learning - Jun 04 - Blog Post:
Using Amazon SageMaker with Amazon Augmented AI for human review of Tabular d...

Tabular data is a primary method to store data across multiple industries, including financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and many more. A...

Numerai - Jun 04 - Blog Post:
Fundraising — Improved FCAS — Erasure Bay Highlights

Numerai has raised $3 million in a recent sale of NMR led by Union Square Ventures and Placeholder with CoinFund...

SAS - Jun 04 - Blog Post:
In Response to Recent Events: A message from the Work/Life Center

A message from the Work/Life Center: It is not surprising that the SAS community is deeply moved and troubled by...

MindBridge Analytics - Jun 04 - Blog Post:
How audit analytics makes auditors more relevant than ever before!

In today’s world of COVID-19, accounting firms can be pressed by clients for short-term basic deliverables. There are still expectations...

MarketMuse - Jun 04 - Blog Post:
Natural Language Generation in Content Marketing – Two Sides of a Coin

A look at two vastly different approaches to using AI for content generation. One that's used for good and the...

Dataiku - Jun 04 - Blog Post:
Explaining Bias in Your Data

An in-depth review of unfairness and bias causes in machine learning and their root in data.

Fritz - Jun 04 - Blog Post:
Introduction to YOLOv4: Research review

YOLO stands for You Only Look Once. It’s an object detection model used in deep learning use cases, of which...

H2O - Jun 04 - Blog Post:
Sparkling Water is out

June 4, 2020 - H2O, Open Source, Sparkling Water - Sparkling Water is out

Lambda Labs - Jun 03 - Blog Post:
Demystifying GPT-3 — The Latest in Deep Learning Language Models

This article will give a high-level summary about what is new in GPT-3, how to train and run inference, and...

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