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AD_XT optimizes SMB ad campaigns through machine learning.

Oct 09

This is how AI will let marketers be marketers again

As marketers embrace AI into their day to day operations, one thing remains the same: Machines don’t feel... they understand performance though.

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Jan 18

19 Artificial Intelligence Technologies To Look For In 2019

Discover the main Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies that you should be taking advantage of this 2018.

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Dec 13

The 8 E-commerce Trends That Ruled 2018

Check out the e-commerce trends that will ruled this 2018. Get ready to revolutionize your business!

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Oct 01

What kind of ads can Adext AI work with?

If you want to know what characteristics should have an Ad in order to be easily deployed into the Adext AI platform this is the article for you.

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