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Using machine learning to increase treatment efficacy in mental health.

Jun 29

Meticulous Transparency — A Necessary Practice for Ethical AI

It is clear now that Artificial Intelligence will be a transformative technology that will redefine many aspects of our everyday lives — in fact, it already has. Targeted advertising technologies…

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Jun 22

Bringing precision medicine to mental health

Clinical depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. While numerous treatment options do exist, most patients spend months to years undergoing an arduous trial-and-error process before…

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May 01

Mental Health in a Socially-Distanced World

With news headlines and media outlets continually reporting statistics and symptoms, let us take a couple moments to remember and care for our mental health. As the world faces unprecedented…

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May 10

Aifred Health graduates from the Creative Destruction Lab

Aifred Health has graduated from the AI stream of the prestigious Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Montreal program! Over the last 9 months, the team has had the amazing opportunity to work with…

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AIfred Health - Aifred Health

Using machine learning to increase treatment efficacy in mental health.

Cliengo - Mar 08 - Blog Post:
Inteligencia artificial: ¿Estás basando tus decisiones en datos o intuición?

Utiliza la inteligencia artificial a tu favor y descubre el machine learning para obtener tus propios reportes de datos reales...

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Creative Spotlight: Char Stiles

A conversation with digital creator and coder Char Stiles

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Embracing Identities on International Women’s Day

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Celebrating International Women’s Day at Dynatrace

Today is International Women's Day, a day dedicated to the celebration of social, economic, cultural & achievements of women around...

SAS - Mar 08 - Blog Post:
The conditional distribution of a response variable

I recently learned about a new feature in PROC QUANTREG that was added in SAS/STAT 15.1 (part of SAS 9.4M6)....

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