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Customer Support Solutions with Artificial Intelligence

Aivo, founded in 2011, develops customer support software solutions with artificial intelligence technologies that transform the way companies and customers interact. Today, Aivo is the leader in Latin American with offices in nine countries. Last year, Aivo handled over 120 million conversations in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Aivo has a broad customer base that includes Sony, AIG, AT&T, Visa, GM, LG, Movistar, AmŽrica Movil, among others.With a fresh organization focused on modern client services and sales processes, Aivo has transformed the customer experience by offering innovative AI conversational software technologies that provide real-time solutions. Aivo is expanding globally, with a current focus on Telecom & Cable, FinTech, Online Services, Utilities and Government clients. Aivo is also leveraging commercial collaborative partnerships worldwide, with companies such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and LivePerson, among others.

Company Details
  • http://www.aivo.co
  • Headquarters San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Other Locations Córdoba, Argentina
  • Year Founded 2012
  • Company Size 51-200 employees
  • Specialties Agents / Bots
How Aivo uses AI in their company

Our solutions work with artificial intelligence to understand every question and message and answer your customers in an efficient and natural way, without wasting their time. Our key functions are:

1. Normalization (NPL)
- Grammatical correction
- Automated spell-checking
- Verification of the existence of meaning
- Elimination of unnecessary characters

2. Classification
- Search and categorization of meaning
- Identification of relevant actions and products

3. Contextualization
- Short term memory
- Channel
- Conditions
- Flows (Nested questions)

4. Intention identification
- Entity identification and intention relevance
- Word’s distance
- Personality intention checking

5. Semantic Assistance
- Deep Learning based intention identification.
- Detection of the intention regardless of the written text.
- Less need for “ways to ask”.

6. Selection of the best response
- Precision evaluation.
- Disambiguation.
- Suggestions for questions that could not be solved or with little assertiveness.
- Sending to continuous improvement intentions not found.

7. Empathic response
- Make sure your user is comfortable!
- Complements (assisted navigation, carrusel, faqs, images, videos, etc.).
- Integrations.
- Live chat transfer.

Products and Case Studies

AgentBot is an automatic customer service solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to understand and solve customers’ needs in real time.

Case Study : Movistar

Movistar reduces Customer Service costs in digital channels by +30% using AgentBot

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