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Oct 10

All Turtles Podcast Episode 33: The Holberton School’s Sylvain Kalache

Where can someone learn how to become a software engineer? Computer science programs at universities usually focus more on theory than on what’s actually required to become an employable programmer —…

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Feb 19

Carrot’s Baby Steps: All Turtles Podcast Ep. 71

On prior episodes of this podcast, we’ve discussed Carrot, a company that’s pioneering the future of work and health by providing global fertility benefits to employers. Because there’s so much to…

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Feb 05

AI and the future of human computation: All Turtles Podcast Ep. 70

How is the internet making people more or less seen? Researcher Mary Gray’s new book Ghost Work explores the lives of people who are paid to train AI. These workers are contributing to the AI we use…

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Jan 22

Designing the future of health: All Turtles Podcast Ep. 69

Designers and medical professionals are both key to building the future of health. Dr. Kyra Bobinet is working within that intersection by using neuroscience to help people design healthy lives…

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