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Jun 04

Watch: CEO Drew Conway on the #FutureofData video podcast

On the latest episode of the #FutureofData podcast, Our CEO Drew Conway and podcast host Vishal Kumar discuss the hot topic of socially responsive data science practices. Besides being the Found and CEO of Alluvium, Drew is also a co-founder of DataKind, a global non-profit network of pro bono data scientists.

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Jan 31

Joining Forces with Augury

Today is an extremely exciting day for Alluvium. After many months of conversations, experimentation, and now integration, I could not be happier to announce that Alluvium has been acquired by Augury. What this merger means for our ability to deliver value to industrial customers is immense. But, before we look ahead, it is worth looking... The post Joining Forces with Augury appeared first on Alluvium.

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Aug 29

Women in Enterprise: Sabrina Siu

Sabrina Siu, Alluvium's User Experience Designer and Researcher, featured in the latest edition of Work-Bench's Women in Enterprise series. #womenterprise

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Aug 22

Alluvium named among ’10 Hot AI-powered IoT Startups’

This week, Network World featured Alluvium as one of ten hot AI-powered IoT Startups, in an article penned by Jeff Vance. 

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