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Reinventing trading platforms utilizing AI

Asia’s Leading AI Fintech startup that builds Deep Learning and Big Data technology for financial market. Providing “AlpacaForecast”, a platform that predicts market move, “AlpacaRadar/Search”, a new product that predicts market risk anomaly between cross assets. Also started SaaS platform business from May 2018 with Bloomberg called “AI Prediction Matrix”, which is subscription model on Bloomberg App Portal.

Company Details
  • https://alpaca.markets
  • Headquarters San Mateo
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  • Specialties Technology & Internet, Machine Learning, Finance, Deep Learning
How Alpaca uses AI in their company

We use deep learning on high frequency tick data to recognize patterns indicating price change for our market forecasting models.

The idea is that despite a low signal to noise ratio in the market, a correctly implemented algorithm can extract a useful signal among the noise.
Instead of manually crafting an algorithm, we use Alpaca’s technology, based on state of the art machine learning techniques, to generate models capable of extracting the signal by itself.

Using high capacity models, we can use big amount of raw market data to extract small but significant event that would not be detectable on aggregated data or using lower capacity models, allowing us to capture otherwise invisible market events.


AI prediction Matrix - Predict the Future.

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