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Teaching computers to understand human language

Alterra's Deep NLU engine converts natural language questions and commands to formal queries a computer can understand. It is available via an API. http://alterra.ai Applications include conversational virtual agents for call centers, Alexa skills, voice control for mobile apps and IoT devices, chatbots, enterprise and site search, English-to-SQL, etc. No traditional coding is required Ð just feed a training corpus into the artificial neural network. It is powered by our phrase2vec algorithm. ItÕs like word2vec, but for multiple-word sentences. Additionally, an LSTM-based slot filler extracts parameters and entities from natural-language questions and commands and converts them to SQL-like queries.

Company Details
  • http://alterra.ai
  • Headquarters Palo Alto
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  • Specialties Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation, Deep Learning
Alterra.Ai - Conversational Virtual Agents

Conversational virtual agents powered by artificial neural networks - Alterra.ai

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