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SMART AI: Run Your Business with Intelligent Data-Driven Solutions

Analytics2Go (A2Go) was established by a group of seasoned data scientists, engineers, and management consultants in 2017 to ease the transition for companies into the next generation of data-driven business operations. We set our goal to make it possible for businesses to use data to optimize recurring, mission-critical decisions in real time and at the point of use _ from the factory floor to the boardroom _ without the overhead of long consulting engagements, software purchases, sourcing external data or building out your own applications.

Our motivation to build an analytics company came from knowing that becoming a data-driven business is a heavy lift and is often most successful when executed one business "use case" at a time. To address the many difficulties with data and AI deployment and adoption, our founders sought to build a continually learning, automated, AI operating system that could reside in the cloud and be used to deliver analytics-as-a-service to any company via targeted, purpose built microapps.

We are proud to say that today, we deliver end-to-end, Analytics-as-a-Service to medium and large-sized companies.

Company Details
  • https://www.analytics2go.com
  • Headquarters Sarasota, FL, USA
  • Year Founded 2017
  • Company Size 11-50 employees
  • Specialties Business Intelligence

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