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AI for Customer Support

Oct 05

Dreamforce 2018 Highlights: What a Week!

Here's a recap of the keynote speakers, activities and performances at the Salesforce annual event (Dreamforce 2018). Read on for a few of the highlights.

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Sep 04

How AI can help your customer service agents be more productive

Customer service agents are often overloaded with customer cases. Learn how AI can help them serve customers better by being more productive & efficient.

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Aug 29

Why chatbots have become integral to customer service

How do chatbots improve how you allocate customer service resources, maximize efficiencies, and improve CSAT scores? Find out in this post.

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Jun 24

AnsweriQ Unveils New Single-Click Automation for Customer Service Teams

AnsweriQ unveils Robo Assist, its new single-click automation for customer service teams. Freshly used Robo Assist to lower handle times for key processes by 90%.

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