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Oct 07

Meet Your Smart Grocery List

Fantastic news for our iOS users! You can now enjoy our brand new grocery feature!

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Dec 06

Any.do integrates with the Google Assistant to make organization even easier

Any.do is proud to announce the release of its new integration with the Google Assistant, a digital assistant that helps you get things done throughout your day. You can now easily create lists using nothing but your voice wherever you are. Create and manage lists on-the-go Quickly connect your Google Assistant to Any.do to create […]

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Sep 22

Any.do is launching new apps for Windows, Mac & Gmail

Work happens anywhere, on the go, remotely and at work. With over 350 million knowledge workers around the world, it’s clear that we want to be able to be productive anytime, anywhere. That’s why we are really excited to launch Any.do for Windows, Gmail and a whole new Any.do for Mac, rebuilt from the ground […]

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Aug 15

Import Wunderlist Tasks into Any.do

Wunderlist is a great app for managing tasks and projects, but after Microsoft’s acquisition of the company behind the product they decided to sunset the product. If you wish to import all your Wunderlist tasks, lists & projects to Any.do for an easy transition, you can easily do that with this simple Zapier integration. Get […]

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