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Applitools developed the first cloud-based software testing tool that automatically validates all the visual aspects of any web

Oct 11

Test Automation in 2019: Glimpse of the Near Future From the Experts Who Shape It

Test Automation thought leaders gathered for a discussion about the trends, best practices, tools, and technologies that will shape your Dev/Test environment in 2019. Joe Colantonio hosted this all-star panel - including: Angie Jones, Dave Haeffner, and Gil Tayar - as they shared their thoughts on the hottest topics in test automation.

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Dec 20

Modern Functional Testing – Caveats and Conclusions

What benefits come from modern functional testing using Visual AI? Be aware of these caveats, and be prepared to draw these conclusions.

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Dec 18

Overcome the challenges of Cross-Browser Testing using Applitools Ultrafast Grid!

How do you check the behavior of one application across dozens of browsers, devices, and viewport configurations in seconds? Applitools Ultrafast Grid.

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Dec 16

Visual Validation with Dynamic Data

Visual validation improves your functional test. Dynamic data looks different every time you inspect it. How do you do visual validation with dynamic data?

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Products and Case Studies
Applitools - Applitools - Automated Visual Testing

Automated visual application testing and monitoring

Case Study : Wix | Automated Visual Application Testing And Monitoring

Applitools Eyes Successfully Used by Wix.com to Prevent Regressions & Reduce Manual Testing

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Case Study : Transunion - Automated Visual Application Testing And Monitoring

TransUnion Cuts Weekly Testing Time From 30 Hours to 2 - With Applitools

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Case Study : Concur: A Leading Global Provider Of Travel And Expense Management Solutions

Concur, an SAP Company, Turns To Applitools For UI Localization Testing and Strategy

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