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Applitools developed the first cloud-based software testing tool that automatically validates all the visual aspects of any web

Apr 01

Where To Learn Test Programming – April 2020 Edition

What do you do when you have lots of free time on your hands? Why not learn test programming strategies and approaches? Check out our April 2020 TAU update.

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Apr 13

Ask 288 Of Your Peers About Visual AI

To learn best practices, ask your peers.To learn about Visual AI, ask your peers what they learned in the Applitools Rockstar Hackathon.

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Apr 10

10 Essential Tips & Tricks on Working From Home

As a ten-year veteran of working from home, I am happy to share my approaches that make me productive, collaborative, and effective while working remotely.

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Apr 07

5 Visual Testing Features that Foster Collaboration Between Remote Workers

For fast, effective, remote work, tap into the hidden features of some of your favorite tools, like Applitools, to grow team collaboration and efficiency.

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Products and Case Studies
Applitools - Applitools - Automated Visual Testing

Automated visual application testing and monitoring

Case Study : Wix | Automated Visual Application Testing And Monitoring

Applitools Eyes Successfully Used by Wix.com to Prevent Regressions & Reduce Manual Testing

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Case Study : Transunion - Automated Visual Application Testing And Monitoring

TransUnion Cuts Weekly Testing Time From 30 Hours to 2 - With Applitools

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Case Study : Concur: A Leading Global Provider Of Travel And Expense Management Solutions

Concur, an SAP Company, Turns To Applitools For UI Localization Testing and Strategy

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Business Email Compromise (BEC): W2 Scams Make an Unexpected Comeback in 2020

After barely registering a pulse last year, W2-based business email compromise (BEC) scams are back with a vengeance thanks to...

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Designing human review workflows with Amazon Translate and Amazon Augmented AI

The world is becoming smaller as many businesses and organizations expand globally. As businesses expand their reach to wider audiences...

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How a Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group stays Connected

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, there have been amazing individuals and groups that are dedicating their time to helping others. In...

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AI Projects Lifecycle: Key Steps and Considerations

In order to implement and scale successful AI projects, enterprises need to adopt a comprehensive approach to covering each step...

Haptik - May 29 - Blog Post:
WhatsApp Enterprise: How to Get Started in 5 Steps

WhatsApp is the perfect customer engagement tool. Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up a WhatsApp Enterprise account for your...

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