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Oct 10

Improve Customer Service by Upgrading Your Chatbot with Conversational AI

Want to get better marks for customer service? Improve your chatbot. One of the biggest trends now in AI development is making chatbots more user-friendly.

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Mar 07

Making Better Decisions with Business Intelligence

When thinking about what powers BI and what it can do for you, the key advantage to keep in mind is information enhanced with visualization.

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Feb 27

Contributing to Business Growth: Big Data

Big Data is powering two incredibly important aspects of the business: marketing and proactive planning. Don't fall behind, stay ahead of the crowd.

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Feb 11

Partnership Announcement – AppMaisters and CWE

On Monday, September 15, 2018, App Maisters announced that they will be partnering with Collaborative Work Environment to provide integration capabilities for their capstone facility optimization programs in the Southern states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico and Arkansas. CWE or Collaborative Work Environment specializes in helping large organizations such as Baylor, Kraft and many […] The post Partnership Announcement – AppMaisters and CWE appeared first on App Maisters.

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