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Creator of Wordsmith, the natural language generation platform that enables you to produce human-sounding narratives from data.

Nov 27

Wordsmith Powering the Revolutionary Alexa Skill for Activision’s Call of Duty

How Alexa Skill uses machine learning and the Wordsmith NLG platform to break down and improve gameplay on Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

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Nov 18

5 Ways Wordsmith Go Note Builder Combines the Power of Tableau with the Magic of NLG

5 Ways Wordsmith Go Note Builder Combines the Power of Tableau with the Magic of NLG

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May 30

Using NLG to Scale Expertise for Data-Driven Decisions

The future of business intelligence relies on live data analysis and prescriptive insight that results in immediate action across all areas of an enterprise.

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May 23

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an NLG Provider

Natural language generation (NLG) for business intelligence and analytics has become a must-have technology. How do you choose the best one for your company?

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Case Studies
Case Study : Associated Press | Automated Insights

The Associated Press uses NLG to transform raw earnings data into thousands of publishable stories, covering hundreds more quarterly earnings stories than previous manual efforts.

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Case Study : Vivint Smart Home | Automated Insights

How Vivint uses natural language generation to boost SEO efforts and dramatically increase sales with localized website content.

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Case Study : Nvidia | Automated Insights

NVIDIA leverages Automated Insights' natural language generation (NLG) platform, Wordsmith, to augment marketing analytics directly inside their Tableau dashboards.

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Active learning workflow for Amazon Comprehend custom classification models –...

Amazon Comprehend  Custom Classification API enables you to easily build custom text classification models using your business-specific labels without learning ML....

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The Facebook Fellowship Program supports top PhD students from around the world in fields related to computer science and engineering.…

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Football tracking in the NFL with Amazon SageMaker

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Keyboard Shortcuts and Translations on Any.do for Web

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