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Enterprise cloud platform that automates industrial 3D Printing

Oct 09

3D Printing Trends in 2018: What Has Made an Impact This Year?

2018 has been a postive year for the 3D printing industry, but what have been the main 3D printing trends this year?

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Sep 20

7 Technologies to Watch Out for at the TCT Show 2019

A look at the technologies and product launches we're excited to see at the TCT Show 2019.

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Sep 18

Application Spotlight: 3D Printing for Footwear

The footwear industry could become one of the largest adopters of 3D printing for mass production of consumer products. Find out why...

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Sep 17

Expert Interview: Oerlikon’s Principal Engineer for AM, Matthew Donovan, on 3D Printing for Aerospace

We speak with Oerlikon AM's Principal Engineer for Additive Manufacturing to explore how the company is using 3D printing for manufacturing.

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