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Jul 16

Acme 5 Wildest Online Court Positions

Let’s claim, theoretically, in which you’ve tested every one of the conventional time puts. Maybe they done the job to suit your needs, or possibly they made sure of. Excluding at this time you’re sole and searching for a thing a lttle bit more thrilling along with challenge, impressive uncommon – possibly unchanging great a […]

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Jul 15

Maximum 5 Wildest On the net Timing Web page

Let’s express, in theory, to you’ve gave it a go every one of the usual appointment puts. Perhaps they controlled in your case, or even they performed. Yet instantly you’re one also in search of impressive a tad supplementary invigorating as a consequence ultimatum, incredible unusual – possibly smooth somewhat a little tempestuous. You might […]

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Jul 15

Put the lid on 5 Wildest Online Going out with Web page

Let’s participation, supposedly, with the aim of you’ve given it a go all the traditional dating webs page. Possibly they went to work to suit your needs, or even they organized. However currently you’re song plus looking for anything a tad other exciting furthermore provoking, some thing unexpected – it’s possible smooth amazing a small […]

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Mar 17

Lessons from Botness Enterprise and Building Better Bots for the Workplace

I was honored to have been invited to attend Botness Enterprise in Austin, TX on Monday, artfully timed to coincide with SXSW, when and where much of the tech industry gathers. Austin is also home to Tom Hadfield of Message.io and Ben Brown of Howdy, CEOs of those respective bot startups and organizers of the […]

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Rasa - Jan 22 - Blog Post:
webkitSpeechRecognition and Rasa

You can do a lot in a modern browser these days. You can, for example, detect speech via the Web...

Optimove - Jan 21 - Blog Post:
Optimove Introduce: The Heptagon for CRM Excellence

Millions of customers, thousands of CRM professionals, hundreds of well-known brands, 9 categories, 3 awards - 1 CRM industry that...

SmartAction - Jan 20 - Blog Post:
Does Word Error Rate Matter?

Word Error Rate (WER) is a common metric for measuring speech-to-text accuracy of automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems. Microsoft claims...

Rasa - Jan 19 - Blog Post:
Reduce Training Time with Rasa’s New Incremental Training

Incremental training, shipped in Rasa Open Source 2.2.0, allows you to fine-tune an existing model after adding new training examples...

Optimove - Jan 18 - Blog Post:
The Heptagon Awards

The post The Heptagon Awards appeared first on Optimove.

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