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Mar 25

Analyzing and optimizing Amazon Lex conversations using Dashbot

This post is co-written by Arte Merritt, co-founder and CEO of Dashbot. In their own words, “Dashbot is an analytics platform for chatbots and voice skills that enables enterprises to increase engagement, satisfaction, and conversions through actionable insights and tools.” After you have deployed a bot, it is critical to analyze bot interactions, learn from […]

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Mar 31

Autodesk optimizes visual similarity search model in Fusion 360 with Amazon SageMaker Debugger

This post is co-written by Alexander Carlson, a machine learning engineer at Autodesk. Autodesk started its digital transformation journey years ago by moving workloads from private data centers to AWS services. The benefits of digital transformation are clear with generative design, which is a new technology that uses cloud computing to accelerate design exploration beyond […]

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Mar 31

Pruning machine learning models with Amazon SageMaker Debugger and Amazon SageMaker Experiments

In the past decade, deep learning has advanced many different areas, such as computer vision and natural language processing. State-of-the-art models now achieve near-human performance in tasks such as image classification. Deep neural networks can achieve this because they consist of millions of parameters that you train on large training datasets. For instance, the BERT […]

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Mar 31

Increasing performance and reducing the cost of MXNet inference using Amazon SageMaker Neo and Amazon Elastic Inference

When running deep learning models in production, balancing infrastructure cost versus model latency is always an important consideration. At re:Invent 2018, AWS introduced Amazon SageMaker Neo and Amazon Elastic Inference, two services that can make models more efficient for deep learning. In most deep learning applications, making predictions using a trained model—a process called inference—can […]

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Products and Case Studies
AWS - Machine Learning - Amazon SageMaker

Machine learning for every developer and data scientist.

Case Study : Zocdoc Builds Patient Confidence Using Tensorflow

Zocdoc uses TensorFlow to match patients to doctors, reducing the wait time for appointments.

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Case Study : Formula 1 - Aws Fuels Analytics Through Machine Learning

Formula 1 Accelerates Cloud Transformation by Moving to AWS

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Case Study : Zendesk Enables Faster Customer Service Using Deep Learning

Speeding Development through Faster Deep-Learning Modeling

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