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Apr 02

Deploying machine learning models as serverless APIs

Machine learning (ML) practitioners gather data, design algorithms, run experiments, and evaluate the results. After you create an ML model, you face another problem: serving predictions at scale cost-effectively. Serverless technology empowers you to serve your model predictions without worrying about how to manage the underlying infrastructure. Services like AWS Lambda only charge for the […]

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Jun 02

Introducing Amazon SageMaker Components for Kubeflow Pipelines

Today we’re announcing Amazon SageMaker Components for Kubeflow Pipelines. This post shows how to build your first Kubeflow pipeline with Amazon SageMaker components using the Kubeflow Pipelines SDK. Kubeflow is a popular open-source machine learning (ML) toolkit for Kubernetes users who want to build custom ML pipelines.  Kubeflow Pipelines is an add-on to Kubeflow that lets […]

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Jun 01

Alexa uses Amazon Translate to reach more international customers

Amazon Alexa is available in 15 locales and eight languages. To understand and respond in different languages, Alexa needs to learn new grammar rules, and the content that powers Alexa needs to be translated to new languages. Additionally, Alexa needs to learn about country-specific topics, such as new soccer leagues, regional celebrities, and important historical […]

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Jun 01

Amazon Textract is now SOC and ISO compliant

You can now use Amazon Textract, a machine learning (ML) service that quickly and easily extracts text and data from forms and tables in scanned documents, for workloads that are subject to Service Organization Control (SOC) compliance and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) compliance. This launch builds upon the existing portfolio of AWS ML services […]

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Products and Case Studies
AWS - Machine Learning - Amazon SageMaker

Machine learning for every developer and data scientist.

Case Study : Zocdoc Builds Patient Confidence Using Tensorflow

Zocdoc uses TensorFlow to match patients to doctors, reducing the wait time for appointments.

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Case Study : Formula 1 - Aws Fuels Analytics Through Machine Learning

Formula 1 Accelerates Cloud Transformation by Moving to AWS

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Case Study : Zendesk Enables Faster Customer Service Using Deep Learning

Speeding Development through Faster Deep-Learning Modeling

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Spiro Technologies - Jun 02 - Blog Post:
Spiro Features Tour: Campaigns

In addition to Spiro's AI-generated next-step recommendations, users can build custom campaign lists which they can email or call into...

Casebook PBC - Jun 02 - Blog Post:
We Can Not Remain Silent

Casebook PBC stands in support of justice in all cases where power is being abused to oppress people. We recommit...

Dataiku - Jun 02 - Blog Post:
6 Ways AI Will Change Media & Entertainment

Media & entertainment companies are facing increasingly competitive and uncertain markets but can get ahead with AI and machine learning.

Neptune - Jun 02 - Blog Post:
This Week in Machine Learning: Oceans, Marketers, and Wildlife Protection

Check out the weekly roundup for the latest news from machine learning. News, analysis, interesting stories. Read, learn, and get...

Josh.Ai - Jun 02 - Blog Post:
Josh.ai Announces Integration with Comcast’s Xfinity X1

Comcast compatibility further enhances the Josh.ai experience of consolidating smart home control under one, privacy-focused, voice and AI platform. Josh.ai...

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