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Oct 05

What We're Reading at SleepWatch: Advantages and Limitations of Technology

Here at SleepWatch, we have a keen interest in keeping up with the latest 
 in sleep news and innovation. This week's articles cover some amazing 
 advancements in health technology as well as identifying limitations.

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Aug 23

Alarm Clocks: Is There a Better Way to Wake Up?

The majority of us depend on alarm clocks and they clearly are entrenched 
 in modern life. Alarms keep us on schedule in a society that demands 
 punctuality for work, school, and that early morning workout. Is there a 
 better way to wake up?

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Jul 19

Advanced Tracking with Time to Fall Asleep

Introducing Advanced Tracking mode for Premium Members. Advanced Tracking 
 lets you estimate—and track over time—how long it takes you to fall asleep.

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May 31

Introducing Sleeping HRV Tracking

Our goal at SleepWatch is to help you sleep better. One way we aim to 
 achieve this is by providing you with easy access to personalized insights 
 that we believe can help reveal something important about your sleep and 
 overall health. With more data at your disposal, you may be able to make 
 better choices to help you achieve your best sleep. Our newest feature 
 introduces the ability to track your Sleeping Heart Rate Variability (HRV). 
 This new sleep metric—which is not the same measure as heart rate—may 
 reveal unique attributes about your sleep quality and well-being.

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