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Enterprise platform that automates chat interactions using proprietary Conversational AI.

Oct 11

Conversational Artificial Intelligence Chatbots in Customer Service, Are you getting what you’re…

Today’s consumers are expecting a certain level of service, companies like Chick-fil-A, Amazon, Trader’s Joe, Thrivent Financial and Wells Fargo, among others, have already raised the bar, Quality…

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Feb 06

Conversational Banking: Chatbots & the Future of Banks in the age of Digital Disruption

Technological advances in Machine Learning and artificial intelligence (AI), have allowed more and more banking organizations to leverage artificial intelligence to launch chatbot solutions, reducing

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Jan 24

Self Service Conversational Customer Engagement Channels are the Future

The rising customer expectations are driving many brand’s technology races towards providing the best customer conversational experience possible, as customers are moving away from old-style…

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Jan 16

Omnichannel Strategy, What does it really mean?

From print ads to online and in-store shopping to social media marketing, the question that still lingers, “Are businesses able to create an effectively seamless, consistent and “undisrupted”…

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