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Brain Corporation is a developer of autonomous navigational technologies.

Sep 15

Nilfisk Launches New BrainOS-Powered Scrubber to Meet Autonomous Demand

Nilfisk announced the launch of a new high-performance robotic scrubber to meet the growing market demand for autonomous cleaning solutions.

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Sep 21

New Analyst Report Touts Growing Role of Autonomous Robots in Wake of COVID-19

The growth prospects of the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) industry were already in motion before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

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Sep 09

The Role of UX in Robotics

It’s no secret: Robotics helps countless businesses across a spectrum of industries achieve greater efficiency and productivity. This is especially true for the businesses struggling to keep up with everyday operations during the ongoing pandemic.

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Aug 26

The Secret Weapon of Autonomous Floor Care Robots: Data

So, how does a retail business effectively and efficiently measure the cleaning and sanitizing of its public-facing spaces, along with everything else on its proverbial plate?

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Brain Corp - BrainOS - AutoDelivery

Autonomous Delivery Robot Powered by BrainOS

Brain Corp - Brain Corp: Brainos

Cost-effective "brains" for robots enables new wave of robotic products.

Brain Corp - Brain Corp - Robotic Floor Care

AI Powered Commercial Floor Scrubbers - Empower your employees and cut costs with trusted, brand-name, floor care equipment powered by BrainOS

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