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Natural Intelligence for artificial beings

Oct 26

Brain2Bot CEO Punches Holes in Foundation of Learning Theory

RENO, NEVADA- October 25st- Brain2Bot’s founder and CEO, Dr. Gunnar Newquist, is making a dramatic claim in an article published this week. Newquist’s article brings into question the very foundation of famed psychologist BF Skinner’s reinforcement process, which has formed the basis for psychological learning theories for decades. Newquist boldly titled it “Is Positive Reinforcement Pseudoscience?”…

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Jan 10

Brain2Bot Debuts World’s First Interactive Trophy Created by a Robot Brain

For more information, check out https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2017/12/05/1228845/0/en/Mentor-InSight-Debuts-World-s-First-Trophy-Award-Created-by-a-Robot-at-Lionbridge-v2-AIShowBiz-Event.html

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Dec 17

CEO Gunnar Newquist Delivers Keynote Speech at ESC Silicon Valley, 2017

“Gunnar Newquist, founder and CEO of Brain2Bot, delivers a keynote at ESC Silicon Valley 2017 discussing his work to replace the ‘artificial’ in artificial intelligence, with a new word – ‘natural.'” Read more: https://www.designnews.com/content/watch-full-esc-silicon-valley-keynote-new-approach-ai-forming/160071766957947

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Dec 14

How AI Will Get Smarter

Engineers look to the human brain as a model for smarter AI. But how can we model something we don’t fully understand? Brain2Bot is finding an answer from the bottom up. Read the Full Article.

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