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Oct 09

Getting to know Braincities: Antoine Bruel, Head of growth

Hello friends and foes, my name is Antoine, 27 y.o. french amigo and today I want to take some time to talk about Braincities, what I do here and why I wake up excited and ready to fight every…

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Sep 19

Getting to know Braincities: Egor Malychev, Country Manager

Уважаемый читатель, lieber Leser, fellow reader, let me introduce myself — I’m Egor, 31 y.o. and a German Country Manager at Braincities Lab. I was born in Minsk, Belarus and currently live in…

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Sep 10

Beyond disposable AI

Beyond disposable AI, Thomas Solignac, CEO, Golem.AI Regarding the current landscape of AI, we observe that the term “machine learning” appears more in Internet searches than the term “artificial…

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Sep 10

An Ethical AI

The ability to use simulation associated with AI is a strength of France in all areas. At Hewlett-Packard, there is a real desire to integrate ethics with the issues of supervision and definition of…

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