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Jan 19

Using Customer Service to Get Back Customers

There are many different types of customer interactions a customer service employee may have to deal with. Many of those include simple and easy questions such as asking about store hours, though those can be easily answered by an AI Chatbot to avoid wasting employee time. There are also more complicated questions or

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Mar 09

Development of learning in A.I

The way toward learning through experimentation is something that most people underestimate, for the most part in light of the fact that our brains have successfully developed to guarantee that we can learn new thoughts as effectively as could reasonably be expected. People are likewise equipped for taking directions

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Feb 28

A.I will dive into the dark underbelly of suicide

How can researchers and tech conglomerates fight the growing problem of suicide using ai algorithms? It begins with the mining of social media for warning signs in people's online language patterns.Researchers believe people's language patterns can offer a clear indication that suicide is possible. This is definitely a

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Feb 27

AI is a distinct advantage in a battle I call the hunger games.

Researchers around the globe are tackling AI's information mining capacity in the battle against Poverty.For good or worst, computerized reasoning has turned out to be omnipresent. On account of AI, Amazon prescribes things in light of your perusing and buyer's shopping history. Facebook presents you with focused

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SAS - Mar 05 - Blog Post:
Creating more effective collections journeys

Improving segmentation with predictive analytics is a good place to start—it’s relatively easy to replace existing crude segmentation techniques.

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Automate Your PDF Testing

Automate testing of your PDFs. Why risk fines and penalties from regulators, or the ire of your customers. How? Ask...

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China’s ‘two sessions’: Tech titans’ proposals echo government goals for 5G, ...

" New proposals from the heads of China's biggest tech companies seek to address China's ageing population and upgrading digital...

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5 ways to deliver a mobile-first digital workplace

Here's how an employee app can drive value by delivering a fantastic and functional mobile-first digital workplace for your organization.

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How do we practice responsible AI?

A key component to make sure that we develop responsible AI is diversity. This is because an AI application reflects...

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