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The premier deep learning platform in Eldercare

CarePredict is designed to solve a specific challenge in senior care: family, friends and caregivers of an elderly person may not notice the precursors to declines in health and hence do not intervene in time leading to hospital admissions of easily preventable issues. It is our premise that these precursors manifest through changes in ordinary behavior patterns that are often too subtle to be noticed without continuous observation. For example, a senior entering into a depressive phase will start having restless sleep patterns, loss of hygiene and changes in eating patterns several days before the episode. We are solving the continuous observation problem for the senior market with the very first wearable designed for seniors that tracks their activities of daily living, from waking up, bathing, sleeping, quality of sleep, to brushing teeth, eating, drinking, cooking and more.

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Carepredict - Senior Health Care

Actionable insights for care staff and management, peace of mind for seniors and their loved ones using senior health care monitoring technology.

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