• Personalization
  • 2 Case Studies
Cerkl radically increases engagement using artificial intelligence (A.I.) to personalize every digital interaction with your audience.

Your audience is busier than ever and one to many communication doesn't work anymore. Personalization is the answer. We don't believe that personalization across email, web and mobile should be the exclusive domain of Amazon and Netflix. Everyone should be able to offer personalized experiences. Cerkl makes engagement automatic and personal by sharing the right content at the right time with your audience. We don't want to change the way you work, we just want to make it more awesome.

Company Details
  • https://cerkl.com/
  • Headquarters 4424 Carver Woods Dr, Blue Ash, Ohio US
  • Other Locations Other Locations: San Francisco, Boston, Indianapolis
  • Year Founded 2013
  • Company Size 11-50 employees
  • Specialties Technology & Internet, Human Resources & Recruiting , Personalization, Personalization, Email
How Cerkl uses AI in their company

Cerkl radically increases engagement using artificial intelligence (A.I.) to personalize every digital interaction with your audience.

Case Studies
Case Study : Lessons Learned On The Road To Tripling Employee Engagement

How thinking like a startup helped a Cincinnati-area health system more than triple employee engagement while saving tons of staff...

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Case Study : Stanislaus State Engages Their Staff With The Power Of Personalization - Cerkl

With Cerkl's A.I. technology, Stanislaus State seeks to better engage their employees. Stan State's faculty will now receive a unique...

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