Cfd Research Corporation (Cfdrc)

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Intelligent Software for Aerospace, Cyber AI, Defense, Energy, Life Sciences, Materials

Our product is the expertise and services required create intelligent software tools for multiple verticals, including energy, additive manufacturing, space systems, and many others. In the field of energy we have developed physics-based models that predict the behavior of lithium-ion batteries, which allows us to extend battery life and depth. Smart software control of battery, building load and renewable sources (like solar) offers transformative changes for the nation's energy infrastructure. We are developing software tools to accelerate material discovery through informatics and data-driven approaches. We are developing simulation tools for additive manufacturing processes to predict material properties and part performance. Our team is creating software that leverages weather patterns on the sun to predict the impact of solar flares on electronics on spacecraft. This is just a taste of the fascinating products we are currently developing.

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