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Improving Sales Conversations w/ AI

Apr 26

4 Ways to Cut Your Sales Cycle in Half

Increase your win rate and shorten your sales cycle through well defined sales stages and consistently executed Next Steps. Set a higher bar for what constitutes an Opportunity so you focus on the fewer deals that matter. Find out 4 key ways to cut your sales cycle in half.

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Sep 24

Best In Sales: Management Tips From Top Sales Leaders

We asked top sales leaders from Intercom, Hotjar, and Animalz to give us their top tips on sales team management. Here's what they told us.

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Sep 23

5 Productivity Tips to Increase Your Sales Team's Performance

5 productivity tips to help improve overall sales performance so you and your team can spend less time feeling stuck and more time selling.

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Sep 12

The 5 Stages of Developing and Launching a New Sales Strategy

We’ve broken down how to develop and launch a new sales strategy into five essential stages.

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Products and Case Studies
Chorus.AI - Chorus.Ai - Introducing The Conversation Cloud

Chorus.ai is the market leading Conversation Cloud, built to securely capture, store and analyzes your team’s calls and meetings so your team can focus on what really matters: your customers and your business.

Case Study : Getting The Sales Team On The Same Page, And Selling More Effectively

”Chorus.ai has helped our sales organization go from good to great to excellent in a very short amount of time.”Brooks Pettus | Chief Operating Officer,...

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Case Study : Enhancing Customer Engagement With Conversation Intelligence

"Your best assets are your more senior people. Being able to scale our best reps’ coaching and learnings through Chrous.ai isjust infinitely better than what...

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Case Study : Chorus.Ai Helps Guru's Bi-Coastal Revenue Team Stay In Sync

“One of the early benefits we saw with Chorus was that our new rep ramp time was much faster and it gives reps a greater...

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Dynamic Yield - Apr 01 - Blog Post:
How marketers can manage irregular inventory levels during COVID-19

We've compiled a handful of strategies to help marketers handle spikes in online traffic and irregular inventory levels during COVID-19.

MarketMuse - Apr 01 - Blog Post:
How to Evaluate Content Performance (And Make It Better)

How to evaluate content performacne including the tools you need to set a powerful content strategy that almost guarantees results.

MarketMuse - Apr 01 - Blog Post:
MarketMuse Pro vs Surfer

Discover why this inexpensive SEO tool is no bargain when it comes to helping create a better content strategy and...

Salesdirector.Ai - Apr 01 - Blog Post:
AI-for-Sales 2020 Report

The report is a round-up of 180 solutions in the AI-for-Sales space. The round up summarizes product capabilities and includes...

Optimove - Apr 01 - Blog Post:
E-Commerce Sites: Make Sure to Check These 6 Quick Steps in Times of a Global...

If you have an eCommerce business, here are a few basic measures you probably want to take right now.

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