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Jan 22

Clarifai Featured Hack: Use AI to Tune-Up Your Online Dating Profile

If it feels like you’re putting in a lot of swiping to get one good date, it might be because of your profile picture. Tune-up is an app that analyzes your picture and gives feedback so that you’ll have a greater chance of being paired with someone that you’ll actually like.

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Nov 23

Clarifai Release 6.10

We're excited to announce version 6.10 of the Clarifai platform. Swift, the Clarifai API Collection on Postman, plus powerful new model operators.

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Nov 20

Neural Network Pruning for Compression & Understanding

Pruning is the process of removing weight connections in a network to increase inference speed and decrease model storage size.

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Nov 16

Challenges & State of the Art Solutions Around Face Recognition

Several factors that make face recognition difficult for machines have been resolved using deep learning techniques.

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Clarifai - Clarifai

Build smarter apps faster with Clarifai’s powerful visual recognition API. Automatically tag, organize, and search visual content with machine learning.

Case Study : Ai Helps Picturepark’S Customers Tag And Find The Right Content

While individuals see visual media through a bias of personal experience, culture, or language, computer vision AI sees visual media through collective experiences and machine...

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