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Discover your perfect travel destination

Cluey's mission is simple. We want to completely change how travellers find and learn about what the world has to offer.

Cluey believes that for each person, for each trip, we have unique needs. We made Cluey so each traveller can express their individuality and be presented with actionable, practical, personalised information.

Cluey let's you explore our database of 4,500 unique locations worldwide with criteria such as
* Weather
* Activities (94 to choose from)
* Popularity
* Cost
* Safety
* Language
* Flight time
* LGBT attitudes
* Eco friendliness
* Air quality
and more.

We're committed to helping you find the most compatible destination for every trip. Whether it's a honeymoon, business trip detour, a once in a lifetime adventure, or some low-key downtime. Hopefully you have the time of your life somewhere you've never heard of before.

Company Details
  • getcluey.com
  • Headquarters Sydney NSW, Australia
  • Year Founded 2019
  • Company Size 2-10 employees
  • Specialties Travel & Transport
  • Stage Seed
How Cluey Travel uses AI in their company

Cluey uses AI to quantitatively measure destination compatibility for a traveler to enable simpler, faster and better destination research. Researching a holiday is one of the most time consuming commerce experiences online, information is fragmented and often written by volunteers with different perspectives and tastes to the reader.

With the power of AI & ML Cluey is able to provide a truly knowledgeable, personalised experience for every user.

Cluey Travel

Discover your perfect travel destination

Cluey Travel Chatbot

Find your perfect travel destination

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