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Apr 30

Hypermassive Early-Stage Venture Rounds Increase Founder Risk

A couple weeks back I was talking about YC, demo days, and how it made us think through our beliefs at Comet Labs. I also brought up the concept of SoftBank’s Vision Fund as a Black Hole. It got my…

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Feb 05

AI and Robotics to achieve China’s Retail Logistics Revolution

Over the past decade, China’s logistics industry has been through significant changes, led by the exponential growth of online retail. To give you an idea of the extent of that market, the total…

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Jan 17

Exploring Oceans of Firehose Data

The ocean? From our seats on the plane it’s just a bunch of blue. The Milky Way? Pfft — not even a grain of sand in the great big multiverse. Thinking this way can be a bit terrifying — I stopped…

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Dec 04

The good, bad, and ugly of facial recognition , new research in the future of work, and IDEO’s…

With the team back from the week-long Assessing China program with six excellent chipset startups, we’ve learned a lot about China’s current semiconductor landscape and what the technology companies…

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COVID-19: Best Practice Tips for Robotic Floor Care

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