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Supercharging Machine Learning.

Oct 01

Real-world examples of applied machine learning from AI Conference

The majority of buzz around machine learning and AI focuses on things like computerized play of Dota or realistic speech synthesis. While these areas are sexy and present value to the field, there…

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Dec 05

Why software engineering processes and tools don’t work for machine learning

“AI is the new electricity.” At least, that’s what Andrew Ng suggested at this year’s Amazon re:MARS conference. In his keynote address, Ng discussed the rapid growth of artificial intelligence (AI)…

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Dec 03

Upcoming Webinar: Experiment Management — Rethink your ML Workflow

Running machine learning initiatives is difficult. Why? It is not possible for data scientists and teams to manage reproducibility, loss of IP, visibility and tracking with existing workflows. It is…

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Nov 18

How to apply machine learning and deep learning methods to audio analysis

To view the code, training visualizations, and more information about the python example at the end of this post, visit the Comet project page. While much of the writing and literature on deep…

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