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Supercharging Machine Learning.

Oct 01

Real-world examples of applied machine learning from AI Conference

The majority of buzz around machine learning and AI focuses on things like computerized play of Dota or realistic speech synthesis. While these areas are sexy and present value to the field, there…

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Sep 12

Estimating Uncertainty in Machine Learning Models — Part 1

Let’s imagine for a second that we’re building a computer vision model for a construction company, ABC Construction. The company is interested in automating its aerial site surveillance process, and…

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Sep 04

Getting Started with Natural Language Processing: US Airline Sentiment Analysis

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subfield of machine learning concerned with processing and analyzing natural language data, usually in the form of text or audio. Some common challenges within…

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Sep 03

Webinar: Patenting AI

With data scientists and machine learning teams working on ambitious applications of AI, this industry is positioned to revolutionize the way society works and communicates. Join patent experts Milo…

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