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Apr 04

One Voice To Answer Your Questions

AI can be anywhere — as scary as that statement sounds, think of the amazing possibilities. Imagine, you are stuck in a traffic jam and suddenly you feel like listening that one song you don’t have…

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May 26

Why Intelligent Assistants Will Replace Chatbots

There is a lot of confusion in the world of tools for human-machine interaction and conversational systems today. Monikers like Bots, Chatbots, Virtual Assistants, Conversational Agents and…

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Apr 26

How Voice Will Shape The Future Of Retail

The on-going race to lead the world of voice AI keeps getting more interesting with tech giants like Google and Amazon introducing more opportunities for both users and businesses. We discussed how…

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Apr 24

The possibilities and challenges of Conversational AI

As the world has moved to a digital era, technology has dominated almost every aspect of our lives. It stretches from simple conversations to everyday needs and even too complicated medical and…

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What’s New in vSphere 7.0 Storage Part III: GuestInfo VirtualDiskMapping Linu...

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Quickly improve your voice agent with a speech model

You can very quickly create a voice solution using Watson Assistant and Voice Agent. Out of the box the Voice...

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COVID-19 and the customer experience: How retailers are working to meet consu...

The shifts in consumer behavior brought on by COVID-19 and the effective use cases brands are implementing to meet their...

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