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Consensus is collective governance enhanced by artificial intelligence

Oct 05

September 2018 — Consensus AI Community Update

Most seasoned miners know when the block difficulty reaches a certain point, mining with CPUs or even GPUs won’t cut it; this is inevitable as a blockchain network grows. The good thing is, even…

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Nov 19

Consensus Update #12 — Consensus App Upgrade and Positive Steps

Our update for the last two months (October and November 2019) saw a slight delay as the entire team have been busy ensuring the next stages of development were met. As we listed at the end of…

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Sep 09

Consensus Update #11 — Pilot Partner Marketing and 1000th Member Onboarding

August saw continued growth for the Consensus team in South Burlington. We spent time listening to various rounds of feedback during City Hall meetings and will be expanding the desktop portal for…

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Aug 07

Consensus Update #10 — Mainnet SEN Listed on CoinBene Plus Update on the Pilot Project

The Pilot Project in the City of South Burlington is currently halfway complete and is proving to be a unique insight into what over 650 people think about South Burlington. Since the launch, our…

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