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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Creative Decisions

Oct 11

6 Reasons We Should Be Talking About AR

Augmented reality (AR) has traditionally been known as a technology that blends computer generated virtual objects with reality. This is a very ambiguous concept, so think snapchat filters or Pokémon Go. You are seeing reality, just an enhanced version of it.

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Sep 13

How Telling Your Brand Story Will Enhance Your Mindshare

The objective of a brand story is for your consumer to have an emotional response towards your brand, which ultimately is mindshare. 

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Sep 06

4 Market Leaders You Can Learn From

The most successful business leaders always talk about their mentors--who’ve they’ve looked to for inspiration, motivation, and insights

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Aug 30

3 Weird But Effective Storytelling Techniques to Improve Your Content

What makes your audience tick? How do you hook them onto your product? The answer is by creating brand storytelling techniques that will pull on their heartstrings.

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