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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Creative Decisions

Oct 07

The Power of Music: 3 Ways Music Can Make or Break Your Video

Music has the power to heighten the engagement of any scene with the right tune.

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Sep 20

4 Psychological Theories To Consider To Improve YourBrand Experience

Over the last few years, we’ve seen more retail stores close and more e-commerce companies dominate their industries. Why is this? Marketing is evolving.

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Sep 13

How Telling Your Brand Story Will Enhance Your Mindshare

The objective of a brand story is for your consumer to have an emotional response towards your brand, which ultimately is mindshare. 

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Sep 06

4 Market Leaders You Can Learn From

The most successful business leaders always talk about their mentors--who’ve they’ve looked to for inspiration, motivation, and insights

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Cortex is an enterprise social media marketing platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence, that helps marketers create more engaging content.

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