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Building technology to analyse conversations

Oct 04

Alexa, why don’t you understand me?

In January 2017, a morning show on San Diego’s CW6 News covered a story on how a little girl from Dallas, Texas, accidentally ordered a $300 doll house and four pounds of sugar cookies by asking the…

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Nov 21

The Orb

Even from outside of the Tom Rossau flagship store, one is mesmerized by the warm light emanating from numerous circular shapes. Clusters of sculptural lamps populate walls and ceilings like…

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Nov 21

Paving the Product Highway for AI in Healthcare

For some time now, people have been talking about the coming AI technologies that will revolutionize society and leave no line of work unaffected. Yet, so far, disappointingly few applications have…

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Sep 26

Utilizing Domain Knowledge in End-to-End Audio Processing

We performed an exploratory study into improving end-to-end audio classification models. By introducing the intermediary regression task of approximating mel-spectrograms, we were able to classify…

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