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CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity technology firm pioneering cloud delivered next-generation endpoint protection and services.

Jul 16

CrowdStrike Falcon Discover for AWS: Visibility That Ensures Security in The Cloud

Falcon Discover for AWS delivers visibility and contextual metadata across all EC2 instances to improve organizations’ security postures instantly.

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Feb 21

2021 Global Threat Report: Analyzing a Year of Chaos and Courage

In introducing the 2021 Global Threat Report, CEO George Kurtz says “2020 was perhaps the most active year in memory.” He explains how that shaped this year’s report.

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Feb 21

Mapping It Out: Analyzing the Security of eBPF Maps

Take a deep dive into the security implications for eBPF users by exploring how eBPF is used in Linux and Cloud environments, and how it can be abused by attackers.

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Feb 21

To Get Cloud Security Cooking, You Need The Right Recipe For Success

Securing multiple clouds requires a unified platform. These are the three ingredients your team needs to run successful and effective cloud security.

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BioCatch - Feb 24 - Blog Post:
What Is Behavioral Biometrics?

Behavioral biometrics is a breakthrough technology solving key authentication challenges. Read examples of top use cases.

DataVisor - Feb 24 - Blog Post:
How E-Commerce Companies Choose the Right Fraud Detection Platform

When it comes to E-commerce fraud, there’s no such thing as a victimless crime. A new report has shown that...

PerimeterX - Feb 23 - Blog Post:
4 Risks to be Aware of When Digitally Transforming Your Retail Business

PerimeterX expert Reesha Dedhia discusses the top four threats that security and development teams should be aware of as they...

Graphus - Feb 22 - Blog Post:
Pandemic Phishing Scams Are Still a Problem. Graphus Can Help.

Even this late in the game, cybercriminals are still launching COVID-19 phishing scams - and people are still falling for...

Stermedia.ai - Feb 22 - Blog Post:
Dimensionality Reduction – Don’t Confuse Your Model

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