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AI-powered digital bias and engagement analytics

Nov 06

Yes, a statistical model can detect workplace communication bias (and why it’s ok if that makes you…

What if we told you that it could even provide you quantitative metrics about your communication biases and the engagement levels of your team members? In this post we want to address two underlying…

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Jun 14

Human-Centered A.I. is the Future of Talent Management

In recent years we’ve been met with a wave of articles and soundbites — ranging from the realistic to apocalyptic — speculating as to whether A.I. will replace human jobs, take over the world, or…

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Mar 12

Cultivating Equal Airtime

In my previous article with Cultivate, we used a variety readily available transcription and common shell scripting tools to analyze speech patterns in TechCrunch pitch competitions. Inspired by a…

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Feb 26

Unpacking the Role of Gender(-ed speech) in Tech

The Super Bowl was great and with only the blink of an eye, the 2018 Winter Olympics are now under way. It has been four years since I was invited to write for the ACM (American Computing Machinery)…

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Going remote, overnight: A practical guide to help your team work from home

About this guide With the spread of COVID-19 reaching the level of a global pandemic this week, many teams (including...

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New Admin Permissions Give Communicators More Control

We’re giving you more control over the permissions you grant to Team Members in Cerkl. Welcome to our new Team...

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Expert Series: Hema Crockett on how business growth starts by challenging the...

We sit down with Hema Crockett, Co-Founder of High Performanceology, and chat about why people functions are her passion.

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