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Your Path to Enterprise AI

Oct 02

The Enterprise AI Lab: Not Your Average AI Lab

In 2018, it seemed like a day barely goes by without someone announcing the opening of a new AI lab (MIT, IBM, Alibaba, Baidu, Intel, Google, Facebook - the list goes on). And yes, this is another one of those announcements… sort of. But here’s why the launch of the Enterprise AI Lab is different.

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Sep 13

How to Optimize Hospital Staffing and Improve Patient Care with AI

Inefficient hospital staffing is often due to a lack of data-driven decision making. AI could help reduce health worker burnout and improve patient care.

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Sep 12

Machine Learning Applications for Banking Fraud Detection

See how banks are detecting fraudulent transactions today, and leverage our code samples to try your own machine learning-based solution.

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Sep 11

Data Science and AI at Scale: Make or Buy, In-House or Outsource?

Big data and AI at scale means deciding between making or buying solutions and developing a team in-house vs. outsourcing. What are the advantages to each?

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Case Studies
Case Study : Link Mobility Group | Revenue-Generating Data Projects

Accelerating Growth & Team Collaboration with a Common Platform

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Case Study : Bgl Bnp Paribas | Improving Fraud Detection

Enabling a Data-Driven Organization via People, Processes, & Technology

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Case Study : Dentsu Aegis Network | Faster, More Accurate Customer Segmentation

Improving the Data Department’s Agility and Speed Through Reproducible Workflows

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