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  • Human Resources & Recruiting
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Intelligent Recruitment Solutions

Daxtra is a market leader in intelligent automation solutions for recruitment & talent acquisition, including high-accuracy multi-lingual resume parsing and job parsing, semantic search, matching and search aggregation. Major multinational staffing companies, jobboards and talent acquisition teams of some of the largest global organisations across multiple sectors and geographies use Daxtra solutions as they integrate with most of the CRM / ATS in the market and more than 100 jobboards.

Company Details
  • https://www.daxtra.com/
  • Headquarters Harbour Point, Newhailes Road, Edinburgh, Scotland EH21 6QD, gb
  • Other Locations USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia
  • Year Founded 2002
  • Company Size 51-200 employees
  • Specialties Human Resources & Recruiting , Natural language processing, Recruiting, Software, Computer software
How Daxtra Technologies uses AI in their company

Enhance your recruitment database software with intelligent, integrated, highly accurate,
multilingual data capture, parsing, searching, matching and aggregation solutions.

Case Studies
Case Study : Iplace Usa

iPlace USA successfully integrated DaXtra Search with its CATS ATS in 2013.

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Case Study : Allen Recruitment Consulting

Why Allen Recruitment chose DaXtra Technologies

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