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Jul 19

Innovator Spotlight: Utshab Chakraborty with NextUp Music App

In the second part of our Innovator Spotlight series, we talked to Utshab Chakraborty with NextUp Music App. Who they are: The company was founded by Utshab Chakraborty and Nicholas Donahue during…

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Jan 29

Minimal Changes for Organization

When you are working with MVPs, the goal of the UX designer is to create organization, harmony, and clarity with minimal changes. This may look like changes to typography, color, or something more…

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Sep 04

Welcome Our Designer

Nice to meet you all, I am Michelle, Daylight Data’s User Experience Design Manager. To explain in the most simple way, my job is to improve apps/websites/software by creating the path of least…

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Aug 18

Shortbread Lofts Streamlines Move-in Day With Parking Tool

With our focus on creating value with MVPs, we are often able to provide simple software-driven solutions to one-off pain points. It’s tempting to try to always look for the big data, scalable…

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LiveTiles - Mar 04 - Blog Post:
5 ways to deliver a mobile-first digital workplace

Here's how an employee app can drive value by delivering a fantastic and functional mobile-first digital workplace for your organization.

MOOGsoft - Mar 03 - Blog Post:
A Day in the Life: Intelligent Observability at Work with an ITOps Hero

In this post, meet our clever ITOps engineer, James, as he reduces noise and distraction using intelligent observability.

AWS - Machine Learning - Mar 03 - Blog Post:
Utilizing XGBoost training reports to improve your models

In 2019, AWS unveiled Amazon SageMaker Debugger, a SageMaker capability that enables you to automatically detect a variety of issues...

Lumen5 - Mar 03 - Blog Post:
Video Marketing Statistics 2021: What You Need to Know [Original Research]

Video isn't going anywhere in 2021. We've got all the video marketing statistics you need to know.

SAS - Mar 03 - Blog Post:
SAS Conversation Designer: interacting with APIs

SAS Conversation Designer is included in many offerings of the modernized SAS Viya platform, meaning you can easily create bots...

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