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Dbrain is an open blockchain platform to collectively build full-stack AI apps

Jul 13

Dbrain Goes East: a Partnership with NNTC and NGN International

Dbrain has announced new partnerships — with NNTC, an IT consulting and training company operating in the UAE, and NGN International, a systems integrator based in Manama, Bahrain, both being a part…

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Jan 31

What results to expect when using AI to automate documents processing

Artificial intelligence covers more and more areas nowadays. It checks pizza readiness, searches for criminals and analyzes the origin of the Big Bang. In this article, we will talk about a much more…

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Dec 20

Withdrawal is here!

2018 was an important year for us — we gathered a bang-on team, launched a highly sought product, and attracted our first customers. Much of this has happened thanks to our labelers, who annotate…

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Dec 03

NeurIPS: to make the most of it and get to the top

Hello! I’m Sergey Kolesnikov, Senior Data Scientist at Dbrain and an open-source developer. As NeurlIPS 2018 is about to kick off, I’d like to add my two cents to the discussion and offer sort of a…

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Myfinb - Mar 07 - Blog Post:
AI:10 Mar – 10th Issue

"Artificial intelligence is impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being. Artificial intelligence has acted as the...

Verbit - Mar 07 - Blog Post:
Meeting New Media Market Requirements

Verbit is customizing its tools to help meet new media requirements for burned captions, or open captions, as well as...

Optimove - Mar 07 - Blog Post:
What CMOs Need to Know About Maximizing CRM Marketing Impact

Over the past few years, CMOs have earned their "place at the table" by attributing revenues to their efforts. But...

Optimove - Mar 07 - Blog Post:
What CMOs need to know about maximizing CRM Marketing impact

Over the past few years, CMOs have earned their "place at the table" by attributing revenues to their efforts. But...

Zero404 - Mar 06 - Blog Post:
Pure Taboo – Technological Innovation in the Adult Entertainment Industry

From the looks of Pure Taboo’s tour, the content on this site is basically focused around technological innovation in the...

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