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Jul 04

What is FedRAMP and Why do I Need It?

FedRAMP accreditation allows CSPs to work with federal agencies, is valuable for cloud service providers who want to work with the government.

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Jan 28

How To: Guide Government Innovation from Within

Government innovation efforts may look different in 2021. 2020 brought a shift to widespread remote work, cybersecurity challenges, a remarkably swift reallocation of budget to address urgent needs, and a new normal for many federal workers. All of these factors and more make innovation and modernization a necessity — and a tall order. The good […] The post How To: Guide Government Innovation from Within appeared first on Dcode.

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Jan 22

Strategies to Borrow from Dcode Alumni Kicking A** in the Federal Market

By Terry Rydz, Tech Engagement Manager at Dcode Now that end-of-year metrics and new year kick-offs have concluded, many tech companies are considering strategies, and we have one question we think they should all be asking: should we go after the federal market? Answering that question isn’t straightforward and anyone thinking about it should consider […] The post Strategies to Borrow from Dcode Alumni Kicking A** in the Federal Market appeared first on Dcode.

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Jan 07

Dcode Alumni SBIR Round-Up

What is SBIR? In the government’s quest for better tech, a lot of programs have popped up, each with its own mission and path for non-traditional tech companies to find a way into the federal market. The SBIR program is designed to encourage small businesses to go after federal contracts — it’s highly competitive nature […] The post Dcode Alumni SBIR Round-Up appeared first on Dcode.

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AWS - Machine Learning - Feb 25 - Blog Post:
Setting up Amazon Personalize with AWS Glue

Data can be used in a variety of ways to satisfy the needs of different business units, such as marketing,...

Deep 6 Ai - Feb 25 - Blog Post:
Changing the Paradigm of Recruitment for Rare Disease Trials

Rare Disease Day is February 28, 2021, which aims to raise awareness of rare diseases and the patients living with...

Dexibit - Feb 25 - Blog Post:
Making the most of location analytics at your attraction

How can location analytics improve visitor management? Explore how RFIDs, Wifi Analytics and Bluetooth improve visitor experience.

Sift - Feb 25 - Blog Post:
McDonald’s Partners with Sift to Protect Millions of Mobile App Users Around ...

McDonald’s adopts Sift Digital Trust & Safety to stop fraud and streamline the mobile app experience in Europe, Asia, Africa,...

Pure Storage - Feb 25 - Blog Post:
Cogo Labs Builds Great Businesses with Data and Pure  

Startup incubator Cogo Labs relies on Pure Storage for the cloud-like flexibility it needs for rapid development and deployment and...

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