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DeepMind is the world leader in artificial intelligence research and its application for positive impact.

Oct 03

Expanding our research on breast cancer screening to Japan

Today, we’re delighted to announce that our research project into breast cancer screening is expanding internationally, with The Jikei University Hospital, one of Japan’s foremost medical institutions, joining the collaboration as part of a wider five year partnership they have signed with DeepMind Health.

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Sep 09

Episode 7: Towards the future

DeepMind: The podcast. Episode 7: Towards the future. AI researchers around the world are trying to create a general purpose learning system that can learn to solve a broad range of problems without being taught how. Koray Kavukcuoglu, DeepMind’s Director of Research, describes the journey to get there, and takes Hannah on a whistle-stop tour of DeepMind’s HQ and its research.

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Sep 05

Replay in biological and artificial neural networks

Our waking and sleeping lives are punctuated by fragments of recalled memories: a sudden connection in the shower between seemingly disparate thoughts, or an ill-fated choice decades ago that haunts us as we struggle to fall asleep.

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Sep 02

Episode 6: AI for everyone

DeepMind: The podcast. Episode 6: AI for everyone. Hannah Fry investigates the more human side of the technology, some ethical issues around how it is developed and used, and the efforts to create a future of AI that works for everyone.

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Products and Case Studies
Deepmind - Deepmind - Dnc

We introduced a form of memory-augmented neural network called a differentiable neural computer (DNC), and demonstrated that it can learn to use its memory to answer questions about complex, structured data.

Deepmind - Deepmind - Dqn

We leveraged recent breakthroughs in training deep neural networks to show that a novel end-to-end reinforcement learning agent, termed a deep Q-network (DQN), was able to surpass the overall performance of a professional human reference player.

Deepmind - Deepmind - Alphago

AlphaGo is the first computer program to defeat a professional human Go player, the first program to defeat a Go world champion, and arguably the strongest Go player in history.

Case Study : Safety-First Ai For Autonomous Data Centre Cooling And Industrial Control | Deepmind

In 2016, DeepMind and Google jointly developed an AI-powered recommendations system to improve the energy efficiency of Google’s already highly-optimised data centres. Now we’re taking...

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Case Study : The Promising Role Of Ai In Helping Plan Treatment For Patients With Head & Neck Cancers | Deepmind

Early results from our partnership with the Radiotherapy Department at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust suggest that we are well on our way...

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Case Study : Predicting Eye Disease With Moorfields Eye Hospital | Deepmind

In August, we announced the first stage of our joint research partnership with Moorfields Eye Hospital, which showed how AI could match world-leading doctors at...

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Case Study : Alphafold: Using Ai For Scientific Discovery | Deepmind

Our system, AlphaFold, which we have been working on for the past two years, builds on years of prior research in using vast genomic data...

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