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Apr 09

Introducing the DEX team

We have sometimes heard the question “Decentralised Marketplace? Is DEX a new Startup?” Well, yes and no. The decentralised marketplace is indeed a new product but DEX has been around since 2013…

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Apr 10

DEX, PwC and IMDA to collaborate on new decentralised data sharing model to drive data innovation…

DEX and PwC Singapore today announced that they are working together to develop a framework and technology that seeks to enable safe, trusted, and effective data exchange so as to help Singapore…

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Apr 10

Empowering AI: Development sprints in collaboration with PWC and supported by IMDA

The world’s data is significantly under-utilized. Trillions of dollars of value is trapped because there’s been no safe and secure way to exchange data on a global scale. Seeing the need to increase…

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Mar 26

Goodbye Centralisation. Hello Dex on Ocean Protocol.

Decentralisation of networks and entities is picking up at a great pace and it is about time to say goodbye to centralised entities and embrace decentralisation. Before joining Dex, I worked for two…

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Qokka - Apr 04 - Blog Post:
Cryptocurrency Sentiment Data

In Qokka | Crypto (https://crypto.qokka.com), we continuously analyze community discussions from Reddit and Telegram for over 1500+ blockchain projects which...

Adrayay Group - Apr 04 - Blog Post:
HNWI & UHNWI Start Dynasty Transition amid COVID-19

Asia’s HNWIs, UHNWIs, and HNW companies adopt Adrayay Succession Planning on Familial Business Dynasty Transition amid global pandemic.

Lang.Ai - Apr 03 - Blog Post:
Risk/Impact matrix for automation

In a support team, one of the critical aspects of automation efforts is defining what you automate and how. In...

Signifyd - Apr 03 - Blog Post:
Retailers rally to comfort and contribute amid COVID-19

During the frightening times spurred by COVID-19, retailers are rallying to support front-line workers and victims. Some bright spots in...

Veritone - Apr 03 - Blog Post:
ESV Retreats

ESV retreats are an informative and interactive gathering of corporate executives and lawyers from Large Enterprises, Mid-Market, SMB’s and Law...

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