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AI on quantified biology for personalized health insights and predictive models.

Mar 11

#MyHealthMyData: How doc.ai Ensures the Ownership, Security and Privacy of Your Data

Medical data is a valuable asset and any asset that has value can be considered a currency. People who generate data should own that currency and be able to share, sell, buy, or do whatever else…

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Mar 11

What we’re learning from the first thousand doc.ai research participants about allergies

doc.ai has seen awesome demand for a new kind of prospective research study called a data trial. Our first data trial was launched this past fall and called “Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Your…

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Mar 11

The Federated Future is ready for shipping

There seems to be a consensus nowadays that medical information in the United States doubles every 73 days estimated to arrive at hefty 2.3 zettabytes (ZB) by 2020. But even these optimistic…

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Mar 11

What Should a Doctor Know About AI?

doc.ai has announced a new AI course for doctors. This is the first AI course specifically designed for doctors. This course is the first in a series of data science, deep learning, and decision…

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