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Dynamic Yield provides personalization, recommendations, 1:1 messaging, and yield optimization across web, mobile, and email.

Mar 25

Tuning in: 11 marketing podcast episodes for tackling COVID-19

We've rounded up 11 marketing podcast episodes that offer marketers tips and strategies for tackling the new challenges brought on by the COVID-19 crisis.

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Apr 01

How marketers can manage irregular inventory levels during COVID-19

We've compiled a handful of strategies to help marketers handle spikes in online traffic and irregular inventory levels during COVID-19.

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Mar 31

Unpacking the life of a web developer with Muhamad Arar

Meet Muhamad Arar, a Tel Aviv-based web developer building web applications from the ground up to strengthen the Dynamic Yield platform.

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Mar 31

The positive stories of brands who are fighting coronavirus with a purpose

A number of brands have stepped up, aiding efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 and helping those most affected by the health crisis.

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Products and Case Studies
Dynamic Yield - Dynamic Yield - Personalization Technology Stack

Dynamic Yield's omnichannel personalization technology helps marketers increase revenue by automatically individualizing each user interaction across the web, mobile web, apps and email.

Case Study : Tottenham Personalizes The Fan Experience

Spurs Crafts Individualized Customer Journey with Dynamic Yield

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Case Study : Mediamarkt Masters Personalization Experience Delivery

Europe’s largest retailer for consumer electronics achieves 14% uplift in revenue per user

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Case Study : Hellofresh - Personalization

HelloFresh deepens customer engagement and boosts retention with smart personalization

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MarketMuse - Apr 01 - Blog Post:
How to Evaluate Content Performance (And Make It Better)

How to evaluate content performacne including the tools you need to set a powerful content strategy that almost guarantees results.

MarketMuse - Apr 01 - Blog Post:
MarketMuse Pro vs Surfer

Discover why this inexpensive SEO tool is no bargain when it comes to helping create a better content strategy and...

Salesdirector.Ai - Apr 01 - Blog Post:
AI-for-Sales 2020 Report

The report is a round-up of 180 solutions in the AI-for-Sales space. The round up summarizes product capabilities and includes...

Optimove - Apr 01 - Blog Post:
E-Commerce Sites: Make Sure to Check These 6 Quick Steps in Times of a Global...

If you have an eCommerce business, here are a few basic measures you probably want to take right now.

Invoca - Mar 31 - Blog Post:
Invoca Customer Shares Insights for Insurance Marketers Managing the COVID Cr...

The insurance industry is experiencing varying impacts from the COVID-19. Here are insights into how insurance marketers are adapting to...

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