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AI-driven Culture Officer

Elin is an AI-driven Culture Officer that helps leaders decode their corporate culture and keep track of engagement and happiness of distributed teams.

What does Elin do?
- Helps leaders build a strong engagement culture to succeed as a team.
- Uses Machine Learning to understand 5 indicators of team health (engagement, mood, wellbeing, collaboration, impact) and diversity from communication in Slack and Zoom.
- Shows people managers overall team health without the need to run surveys or answer questions
- Gives talking points about team well-being for your regular meetings, retros, and check-ins
- And coaches managers and team members on how to boost engagement and team collaboration to build a culture that ensures loyalty and trust.

Company Details
  • https://elin.ai
  • Headquarters San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Year Founded 2018
  • Company Size 2-10 employees
  • Specialties Speech Processing, Human Resources & Recruiting , Sentiment Analysis
  • Stage Seed
How Elin uses AI in their company

Product Features:

1. Effortless Slack analytics
See your all-company culture health snapshot on the real-time basis with the help of AI. Absolutely effortless and disturb-free. Elin analyses communication in Slack public channels using over 140 metrics to measure your teams Culture

2. Analytics dashboard
Explore detailed insights on your team culture via user-friendly Dashboard with 5 key culture metrics, sub-indices and track changes over time

3. Pulsing
Install Elin chat-bot in your Slack to check with employees their mood and engagement

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